About Us

Inquisitive Toys

Hi there!

Inquisitive Toys is an independent online publisher with one goal – to provide the best information and product reviews on toys, games and puzzles for children of all ages.

Including young at heart adults!

We realize how hard it can be to find the right budget-friendly and age-appropriate toys for kids.

Whether choosing a toy for your own child or someone else’s, there are so many questions to consider:

  • What color would they like most?
  • Which size is best?
  • Will it prove good value for money or just a fad?
  • Is the toy really safe for their age?
  • Will they physically grow out of it too quickly?
  • Can it help their mental or physical development?
  • How long will it take to assemble it?
  • And maybe – will you get a chance to play with it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lots of tough and time consuming questions. So we’ve done all the research and hard work to answer them for you.

How We Select Products

We know you’re looking for up to date, accurate and honest information. So we take great care in choosing the products that we review or recommend.

As part of our selection process we use hands-on reviews and our own experience wherever possible, to weed out products that may have misleading or fake reviews online.

We also research the latest toy trends, sales info and consider the reputation of both the product and the manufacturer – to find products that we can believe in.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t accept free products from retailers to review as we believe that this may create bias in favor of the product. Even if it is unconscious bias, it can still lead to a product receiving a more favorable review than it truly deserves.

We also don’t allow any adverts on the website because they may promote toys which do not meet our own exacting standards. In addition, we want to provide you with the best user experience – a quick and easy to read website without distracting adverts or banners.